Price type and unitChain linked - Y to Y percentage change (reference year 2016)
AdjustmentWorking day and seasonally adjusted
AccountIndicatorIndustry breakdown
Gross value added by industryHide subtree Gross domestic product Hide subtree Total economy1.
Gross domestic product Gross value added at basic pricesTotal economyAgriculture and forestry and fishing-10.2-13.2-8.9-17.6-
Industry except construction0.4-0.50.3-
Main categories of expenditure of GDPHide subtree Gross domestic product Total economy1.
Gross domestic product Private final consumptionInformation on item1.
Final consumption expenditure of general government-0.20.400.90.90.5111.1
Hide subtree Gross fixed capital formation11.
Gross fixed capital formationGross fixed capital formation by enterprises, self-employed workers and non-profit institutions16.14.756-
Gross fixed capital formation in dwellingsInformation on item6.12.52.9-0.4-0.8-1.5-
Gross fixed capital formation by public administrations-4.1-0.7-
Exports of goods and services9.89.110.342.832.53.74.8
Imports of goods and services13.11010.740.72.322.83.4
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