Institution typeInformation on item
Hide subtree Total assets8547417648179917708789551 144
  Cash and cash balances with central banks and postal cheque offices000000000
  Public securities eligible for refinancing with the central bank000000000
Hide subtree  Claims on credit institutions541426448507633436529423602
  Repayable on demand535421448507615424514407517
  Other claims (at fixed term or at notice)55001812141585
  Claims on clients10376919310199104115141
Hide subtree  Bonds and other fixed-income securities0000000150150
  Issued by public bodies000000000
  Issued by other issuers0000000150150
  Shares, interests in companies and other variable-income securities325760505049455050
Hide subtree  Financial fixed assets262626262626272614
  Participations in affiliated enterprises262626262626262614
  Participations in other enterprises linked by a participating interest000000000
  Other shares and equity constituting financial fixed assets000000100
  Subordinated claims on affiliated enterprises and other enterprises linked by a participating interest000000000
  Formation expenses and intangible fixed assets494847454645434141
  Tangible fixed assets87691813121110
  Own shares000000000
  Other assets546439405956567472
  Differed charges and accrued income413747465746636464
Hide subtree Total liabilities8547417648179917708789551 144
Hide subtree Third-party funds331309400307360422478411441
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to credit institutions191918171919161821
  Repayable on demand220001024
  Debts resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
  Other debts at fixed term or at notice171618171918161717
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to customers525132334733332841
  Savings deposits000000000
Hide subtree  Other debts525132334733332841
  Repayable on demand2162000110
  At fixed term or at notice503530334733332740
  Resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
Hide subtree  Debts represented by a security000000000
  Notes and bonds in circulation000000000
  Other items000000000
  Other liabilities207196305217248342374293320
  Differed charges and accrued income433642374223516756
Hide subtree  Provisions and deferred tax liabilities564345554
Hide subtree  Provisions for risks and charges564345554
  Pensions and similar obligations000000000
  Tax liabilities330001121
  Other risks and charges233344333
  Deferred tax liabilities000000000
  Funds for general banking risks000000000
  Subordinated debts500000000
Hide subtree Equity522433364510630348400544703
Hide subtree  Capital148148148148150150150151151
  Paid-in capital149149149149150150150151151
  Uncalled capital-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
  Share premium account858585858585858585
  Revaluation gains000000000
Hide subtree  Reserves333334343434353535
  Legal reserves9910101010111111
Hide subtree  Unavailable reserves000000000
  For own shares000000000
  Other items000000000
  Tax-exempt reserves555555666
  Available reserves191919191919191919
  Profit carried forward (+) or loss carried forward (-)393946464646434242
  Income (+) or loss (-) at the end of the period217128511973163286232391
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