Funded sectorKind
Hide subtree All sectorsHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts50 58939 44140 07344 56046 832
All sectorsCommunities and districts33 98629 38429 47830 18031 255
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products15 27014 87615 61816 22516 795
Business' advance tax payment (PP)18 71614 50913 86013 95614 460
Local governmentHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts166206202152155
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products166206202152155
Social security fundsHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts15 9379 3409 87813 68214 845
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products11 3277 2416 44510 36511 283
Hide subtree Excise duties98798999800
Excise dutiesExcise duties on mineral oil00000
Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol00000
Excise duties on tobacco85785986800
Excise duties on brandy00000
Excise duties on beer00000
Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages00000
Excise duties on coffee00000
Packing contribution13013013000
Contribution to energy00000
Business' advance tax payment (PP)2 50696100103108
Advance tax payment on movable property (corp)7706821 9343 2143 455
Taxes on insurance contracts33300
Assessments (PP)12111912200
Assessments (Corp)55575500
Assessments (non-residents)15714321100
Assessments (Nat P) - Stock options00000
Tax on the worker's participation in the benefit or the capital of the company1010800
Special contribution from the electricity companies00000
Additional levy on industrial accidents premiums00000
Additional levy on car insurance premiums00000
Additional levy on fire insurance premiums00000
Institutions of the EUHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts500512517545577
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products500512517545577
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