Institutional sector
Hide subtree Total tax receipts142 982142 595.9135 795.6151 425.9
(P165 081.6
Hide subtree Taxes on production and imports (D.2)62 020.264 277.260 26167 849.4
(P70 084
Hide subtree  Taxes on products (D.21)52 636.454 184.450 480.457 784.4
(P58 875.8
Hide subtree  Value added tax (VAT) (D.211)31 545.132 181.329 761.234 783.3
(P36 399.7
 VAT on products31 545.132 181.329 761.234 783.3
(P36 399.7
Hide subtree  Taxes and duties on imports, excluding VAT (D.212)1 219.71 231.11 272.71 239.8
(P1 591.5
Hide subtree Import duties (D.2121)0000
 Import duties including ECSC rights0000
Hide subtree Taxes on imports, excluding VAT and duties (D.2122)1 219.71 231.11 272.71 239.8
(P1 591.5
Hide subtree Levies on imported agriculture products (D.2122 A)0000
 Levies on agriculture (D.2122 A)0000
Hide subtree Monetary compensatory amounts on imports (D.2122 B)0000
 Monetary compensatory amounts on imports (D.2122 B)0000
Hide subtree Excise duties (D.2122 C)1 219.71 231.11 272.71 239.8
(P1 591.5
 Excise duties on mineral oil60606060
 Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol0000
 Excise duties on tobacco378.8385.3393411.6
 Excise duties on brandy228.1226.1249.9234.3
 Taxes on consumption of alcohol and brandy0000
 Excise duties on fermented sparkling drinks102.1103.989.7106.1
 Excise duties on fermented fruit juices172.6173.5185.7169.2
 Excise duties on beer10101010
 Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages78.882.78474
 Excise duties on sugar and refining syrup0000
 Excise duties on coffee13.815.41514.4
 Excise duties on intermediary products0000
 Contribution for the surveillance on domestic fuel oil0000
 Contribution on oil product for heating0000
 Contribution on energy0000
 Packing contribution175.5174.2185.4160.2
 Environmental charge0000
Hide subtree General sales or turnover taxes (D.2122 D)0000
 Taxes as tax stamps0000
 Taxes on specific services (D.2122 E)0000
 Profits of import monopoly (D.2122 F)0000
Hide subtree  Other taxes on products, except VAT and import taxes (D.214)19 871.620 77219 446.521 761.3
(P20 884.6
Hide subtree Excise duties and consumption taxes (D.214 A)11 143.311 09910 20011 151.9
(P10 275.1
 Excise duties on mineral oil5 3555 234.64 227.55 019.9
(P4 616.1
 Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol0000
 Excise duties on tobacco1 984.52 018.32 058.12 168
(P2 324.6
 Excise duties on brandy85.584.793.787.8
 Taxes on consumption of alcohol and brandy0000
 Excise duties on fermented sparkling drinks0000
 Excise duties on fermented fruit juices0.
 Excise duties on beer191189.7169.5157.4
 Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages95.8100.6102.290.1
 Excise duties on sugar and refining syrup0000
 Excise duties on coffee0000
 Excise duties on intermediary products26.125.325.524.4
 Contribution for the surveillance on domestic fuel oil31.329.53229.5
 Contribution on oil product for heating5.
 Contribution on energy336.8339.9320.5340.1
 Federal contribution on electricity and natural gas / Contribution to the Energy Fund (FR)497.3429.5430.2418
 Taxes on water (FR, WR and BCR)
 Contributions on sugar0000
 Super levy on milk0000
 Super levy on cereals0000
 Super levy on mutton0000
 Penalty for exceeding the milk quota0000
 Compulsory contributions from producers of animals and animal products (Sanitel)13.57.91212
 Levy ECSC0000
 Packing contribution176.5175.1186.3161
 Environmental charge0000
  Contribution for FAPETRO3.543.83.3
  Contribution for APETRA120.5122.3103.6113.6
 FED - surtax on transmission price for offshore wind energy346.9456.6603.6741.8
 FC - green certificates delivery702.1675.1635.8584.7
 FC - surtax on distribution prices to finance green certificates569.3592.3578.9552.9
 WR - green certificates delivery382.2391.7403.4415.2
 WR - surtax on transmission prices to finance green certificates176.3171.3161.9178.2
 BCR - green certificates delivery40.642.242.945.7
Hide subtree Stamp taxes (D.214 B)0000
 Stamp taxes (D.214 B)0000
Hide subtree Taxes on financial and capital transactions (D.214 C)4 899.35 378.74 960.95 942.7
(P5 616.5
 Registration rights4 438.64 911.44 403.25 336.8
(P5 097.7
 Mortgage rights82.7958492.9
 Court rights30.632.218.930.1
 Taxes on stock exchange business306.6298.2412.6434.6
 Tax on delivery of securities to bearer0000
 Duties on written documents40.841.942.248.3
Hide subtree Registration taxes (D.214 D)473.1496.9454.8479.3
 Car registration taxes0000
 Traffic taxes473.1496.9454.8479.3
 Taxes on entertainment (D.214 E)0000
Hide subtree Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting (D.214 F)103.1107.293.1104.2
 Taxes on gambling and bets103.1107.293.1104.2
Hide subtree Taxes on insurance premiums (D.214 G)2 470.22 511.92 565.92 652.5
(P2 719.4
 Taxes on insurance contracts1 385.21 4031 430.81 494.5
(P1 538.9
 Additional levy on premiums for industrial accidents35.63634.333.8
 Additional levy on car insurance premiums693.2698.9708.9718.8
 Additional levy on fire insurance premiums197.4204213.7224.1
 Additional levy on hospitalization insurance premiums150.3162.6169.1173.1
 Receipts for the benefit of the Belgian Red Cross8.
 Other taxes on specific services (D.214 H)0000
Hide subtree General sales or turnover taxes (D.214 I)0000
 Taxes as tax stamps185.3000
Hide subtree Profits of fiscal monopolies (D.214 J)185.3185.3185.3185.3
 Profits of the national lottery0185.3185.3185.3
Hide subtree Export duties and monetary compensatory amounts on exports (D.214 K)0000
 Monetary compensatory amounts on exports597.3000
Hide subtree Other taxes on products n.e.c. (D.214 L)2.6993986.51 245.4
(P1 510.7
 Taxes on poster advertising230.
 Contribution on the turnover of the pharmaceutical industry4.8381.2246.9363
 Levy on particular pharmaceutical products359.
 Contracts art. 81 medicines0605732.6876.2
(P1 256.7
Hide subtree  Other taxes on production (D.29)9 383.810 092.89 780.610 065
(P11 208.2
Hide subtree  Taxes on land, buildings or other structures (D.29 A)5 359.65 807.65 722.45 887.6
(P6 285
 Advance tax payment on property (PP)3 575.53 883.93 842.53 952.5
(P4 229.5
 Advance tax payment on property (Corp)1 6861 8301 793.81 840.9
(P1 965.2
 Opening tax0.10.100
 Licence right0000
 Regional tax (BCR) - From 2002 onwards, only regional tax payable by the building owners9893.686.194.2
Hide subtree  Taxes on use of fixed assets (D.29 B)663.3679.4650.3642.4
 Traffic taxes paid by corporations611.5626.3620.6629.9
 Tax on automatical recreation appliances51.7533012.5
 Euro tax disc0.10.1-0.30
 Taxes equal to excise rights paid by corporations0000
Hide subtree  Total wage bill and payroll taxes (D.29 C)0000
 Taxes on the co-ordinating centre0000
  Taxes on international transactions (D.29 D)0000
Hide subtree  Taxes on business and professional licences (D.29 E)431.8429.1435.1445.7
  Contribution to the Protection Fund for Deposits and Financial Instruments0000
  Contribution to the Guarantee Fund for Financial Services (Formerly Special Protection Fund for deposits, life insurance contracts and the capital of approved cooperative societies)431.8428.3434.8445.5
  Contribution for Financial Stability to the Resolution Funds / Single Resolution Fund00.80.30.2
Hide subtree  Taxes on pollution (D.29 F)422.4629.1560.2610
 Tax on waste products (FR and WR)87.78175.576.5
 Tax on manure (FR)
 Taxes on water (FR, WR and BCR)137.5138.8132.2141.1
 Emission permits193.4407.2349386.5
Hide subtree  Undercompensation of VAT (D.29 G)0000
 Undercompensation of VAT0000
Hide subtree  Other taxes on production n.e.c. (D.29 H)2 506.72 547.62 412.62 479.3
(P2 831.9
 Annuities for patented entities1112.812.112.5
 Monopoly interest (Belgacom)0000
 Monopoly interest (National lottery)94.594.594.594.5
 Non-recurrent company contribution240.5231.8225.1233.1
 Contribution on public mandate7.294.85.2
 Reclamation clinical biology and pharmaceutical products21.500
 Radio and television licences (WR, FR and GR) - partim0000
 Contribution payable by the nuclear operators170.4156.992103.5
 One-off contribution payable by the gas sector0000
 Special contribution from the electricity corporations0000
 One-off contribution payable by the oil sector0000
 Annual tax on unit trusts, credit companies and insurance companies202.7163.8190.1211.3
 Annual tax on credit institutions749757.9794.2819.6
 Tax on the surprofits of electricity production0000
 Other taxes on production1 029.41 119.4999.8999.5
(P1 062
Hide subtree Current taxes on income, wealth, etc (D.5)77 189.774 927.472 246.979 497.4
(P91 095
Hide subtree  Income taxes (D.51)75 048.572 772.970 303.577 134
(P88 632.3
Hide subtree  Income taxes of natural persons or households (D.51 A)54 13153 857.654 02956 640
(P65 433.7
 Advance tax payment on movable property (PP)3 641.33 699.73 066.33 521.7
(P4 152.3
 Business' advance tax payment (PP)47 601.647 634.748 44350 852.5
(P57 136
 Advance payments (PP)1 664.41 586.41 474.11 503.4
(P1 483.4
 Assessments (PP)-89.6-390.7-254.2-614.9
(P1 255.1
 Annual tax on profit sharing21.618.222.629.3
 Special social contributions1 252.41 266.81 222.71 326.8
(P1 346.8
 Contribution large incomes0.
 Tax on the worker's participation in the benefit or the capital of the company7.298.58.8
 Other income taxes31.933.345.812.2
Hide subtree  Income taxes of corporations (D.51 B)19 788.417 727.915 001.219 192.6
(P21 902.9
 Advance tax payment on movable property (corp)354.3352.1253.8528.3
 Advance payments (corp)13 965.914 621.512 425.515 539
(P18 010.8
 Taxes from non-residents (corp)194190.651.8149
 Assessments (corp)5 276.32 571.12 245.82 964.3
(P3 159.8
 Other income taxes-2.1-7.424.312
  Taxes on holding gains/losses (D.51 C)0000
  Taxes on lottery and gambling profits (D.51 D)0000
Hide subtree  Other income taxes n.e.c. (D.51 E)1 129.11 187.41 273.31 301.4
(P1 295.7
 Former income taxes0000
 Taxes from non-residents (PP)1 080.41 133.31 2291 255.8
(P1 241.4
 Other income taxes48.754.144.345.6
Hide subtree  Other current taxes (D.59)2 141.22 154.51 943.42 363.4
(P2 462.7
Hide subtree  Current taxes on capital (D.59 A)849.3861.3659.81 060.3
(P1 127.6
 Taxes on patrimony (grounds and buildings)279292285.1309.4
 Taxes on the NPIs46.747.25050.7
 Tax on quoted securities0000
 Levy for fighting the non-use of an electric power production site by a producer0000
 Transfer to the Fund for Industrial Accidents of recognized private insurance corporations297.2305.1297.3321.2
 Tax on securities accounts226.421727.4379
Hide subtree  Poll taxes (D.59 B)000-0.2
 Tax on household waste (RW)0000
 Flat-rate regional tax (BCR)000-0.2
  Expenditure taxes (D.59 C)0000
Hide subtree  Household payments for receiving licences (D.59 D)1 269.31 270.11 259.91 279.2
(P1 310.4
 Taxes on traffic paid by the households1 240.11 270.11 259.91 279.2
(P1 310.4
 Taxes equal to excise rights paid by households0000
 Radio and television licences (FR)29.2000
  Taxes on international transactions (D.59 E)0000
Hide subtree  Other current taxes n.e.c. (D.59 F)22.623.123.724.1
 Other taxes22.623.123.724.1
Hide subtree Capital taxes (D.91)3 7723 391.13 287.64 079
(P3 902.4
Hide subtree  Taxes on capital transfers (D.91 A)3 196.32 935.62 966.73 663.3
(P3 577.7
  Death duties2 6772 400.12 411.12 947.7
(P2 800.8
  Gift taxes519.3535.5555.5715.7
Hide subtree  Capital levies (D.91 B)575.7455.6321415.6
  Taxes on long-term savings361.1341.9203.4207.1
  One-off tax regulation0000
  One-off tax regulation "diamond sector"0000
  One-off tax regulation (bis)66.428.425.736.9
  One-off tax regulation (ter)148.285.391.9171.6
  Special contribution from credit associations in case of withdrawal from the credit professional network0000
  Other capital taxes n.e.c. (D.91 C)0000
Hide subtree Net social contributions (D.61)71 375.973 674.373 085.476 640.1
(P83 533.2
Hide subtree p.m. Actual social contributions61 189.663 286.462 373.165 655.2
(P71 547.3
Hide subtree Employers' actual social contributions (D.611)36 585.137 902.137 349.439 404.1
(P43 102.5
Hide subtree Compulsory employers' actual social contributions (D.6111C)36 585.137 902.137 349.439 404.1
(P43 102.5
 To the general government account8 262.88 556.78 823.49 158.2
(P9 724.7
 To the other sectors' account28 322.329 345.428 52630 245.9
(P33 377.7
Hide subtree Voluntary employers' actual social contributions (D.6111V)0000
 To the general government account0000
 To the other sectors' account0000
 Employers' imputed social contributions (D.612)10 186.410 387.910 712.410 984.9
(P11 985.9
Hide subtree Households' actual social contributions (D.613)24 602.925 382.925 022.326 250
(P28 444.1
Hide subtree Employees' actual social contributions18 425.519 080.818 851.719 857
(P21 641.3
 Compulsory employees' actual social contributions (D.613CE)18 417.719 070.618 837.519 840.5
(P21 635.5
 Voluntary employees' actual social contributions (D.613VE)7.810.214.216.5
Hide subtree Self-employed persons' actual social contributions4 2384 327.14 087.84 433.2
(P4 596.3
 Compulsory self-employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613CS)4 2384 327.14 087.84 433.2
(P4 596.3
 Voluntary self-employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613VS)0000
Hide subtree Non employed persons' actual social contributions1 939.41 9752 082.81 959.8
(P2 206.4
 Compulsory non employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613CN)1 8641 902.92 016.31 894.5
(P2 141.2
 Voluntary non employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613VN)75.472.166.565.2
 Households' social contributions supplements (D.614)
 Social insurance scheme service charge (D.61SC)0000
 Capital transfers from general government to relevant sectors representing taxes and social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995)-613.9-611.3-866.7-623.1
 Taxes on products assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995a)-492.1-479.4-700-500
 VAT on products assessed but unlikely to be collected-492.1-479.4-700-500
 Taxes on income assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995c)-47.1-45.4-70-50
 Business' advance tax payment assessed but unlikely to be collected-47.1-45.4-70-50
 Employers' actual social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995e)-74.7-86.5-96.7-73.1
 Employers' actual social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected-74.7-86.5-96.7-73.1
Hide subtree Total of taxes and social contributions203 557.7205 271197 301.8216 457.9
(P236 079.3
 Total of taxes and net social contributions (including imputed social contributions)213 744.2215 658.9208 014.3227 442.8
(P248 065.2
Hide subtree Total payable tax credits966.51 196.11 448.91 098.6
(P1 228.7
 of which payable tax credits that exceed the taxpayer's liability197.4269375.8299.8
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