Institutional sector
Hide subtree Total tax receipts130 046.9137 362.3142 983.1142 480.9
(P135 317.4
Hide subtree Taxes on production and imports (D.2)57 901.459 796.662 021.364 274.8
(P60 291.1
Hide subtree  Taxes on products (D.21)48 58750 557.652 637.554 184
(P50 482.8
Hide subtree  Value added tax (VAT) (D.211)29 179.230 254.731 545.132 181.3
(P29 761.2
 VAT on products29 179.230 254.731 545.132 181.3
(P29 761.2
Hide subtree  Taxes and duties on imports, excluding VAT (D.212)1 175.51 167.51 219.71 231.1
(P1 272.7
Hide subtree Import duties (D.2121)0000
 Import duties including ECSC rights0000
Hide subtree Taxes on imports, excluding VAT and duties (D.2122)1 175.51 167.51 219.71 231.1
(P1 272.7
Hide subtree Levies on imported agriculture products (D.2122 A)0000
 Levies on agriculture (D.2122 A)0000
Hide subtree Monetary compensatory amounts on imports (D.2122 B)0000
 Monetary compensatory amounts on imports (D.2122 B)0000
Hide subtree Excise duties (D.2122 C)1 175.51 167.51 219.71 231.1
(P1 272.7
 Excise duties on mineral oil60606060
 Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol0000
 Excise duties on tobacco365.4359378.8385.3
 Excise duties on brandy235232.4228.1226.1
 Taxes on consumption of alcohol and brandy0000
 Excise duties on fermented sparkling drinks103.9102.6102.1103.9
 Excise duties on fermented fruit juices173.7172.3172.6173.5
 Excise duties on beer10101010
 Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages4546.678.882.7
 Excise duties on sugar and refining syrup0000
 Excise duties on coffee14.114.513.815.4
 Excise duties on intermediary products0000
 Contribution for the surveillance on domestic fuel oil0000
 Contribution on oil product for heating0000
 Contribution on energy0000
 Packing contribution168.4170.1175.5174.2
 Environmental charge0000
Hide subtree General sales or turnover taxes (D.2122 D)0000
 Taxes as tax stamps0000
 Taxes on specific services (D.2122 E)0000
 Profits of import monopoly (D.2122 F)0000
Hide subtree  Other taxes on products, except VAT and import taxes (D.214)18 232.319 135.419 872.720 771.6
(P19 448.9
Hide subtree Excise duties and consumption taxes (D.214 A)10 370.610 799.611 144.411 098.6
(P10 202.4
 Excise duties on mineral oil4 784.55 018.25 3555 234.6
(P4 227.5
 Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol0000
 Excise duties on tobacco1 940.71 886.21 984.52 018.3
(P2 058.1
 Excise duties on brandy8887.185.584.7
 Taxes on consumption of alcohol and brandy0000
 Excise duties on fermented sparkling drinks0000
 Excise duties on fermented fruit juices0.
 Excise duties on beer191.6190.8191189.7
 Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages54.756.695.8100.6
 Excise duties on sugar and refining syrup0000
 Excise duties on coffee0000
 Excise duties on intermediary products28.32826.125.3
 Contribution for the surveillance on domestic fuel oil32.731.631.329.5
 Contribution on oil product for heating5.
 Contribution on energy340339.9336.8339.9
 Federal contribution on electricity and natural gas / Contribution to the Energy Fund (FR)517.5812.1497.3429.5
 Taxes on water (FR, WR and BCR)
 Contributions on sugar0000
 Super levy on milk0000
 Super levy on cereals0000
 Super levy on mutton0000
 Penalty for exceeding the milk quota0000
 Compulsory contributions from producers of animals and animal products (Sanitel)7.311.913.57.9
 Levy ECSC0000
 Packing contribution169.4171.1176.5175.1
 Environmental charge-0.5000
  Contribution for FAPETRO4.53.93.54
  Contribution for APETRA108.6109120.5122.3
 FED - surtax on transmission price for offshore wind energy257291.4346.9456.6
 FC - green certificates delivery647.4507.9703.2696
 FC - surtax on distribution prices to finance green certificates636.1624.5569.3571
 WR - green certificates delivery365.6382.9382.2391.7
 WR - surtax on transmission prices to finance green certificates152.3203.7176.3171.3
 BCR - green certificates delivery35.735.640.642.2
Hide subtree Stamp taxes (D.214 B)0000
 Stamp taxes (D.214 B)0000
Hide subtree Taxes on financial and capital transactions (D.214 C)4 463.74 800.34 899.35 378.7
(P4 960.9
 Registration rights4 065.14 341.84 438.64 911.4
(P4 403.2
 Mortgage rights89.183.482.795
 Court rights46.539.730.632.2
 Taxes on stock exchange business218.7295.7306.6298.2
 Tax on delivery of securities to bearer0000
 Duties on written documents44.339.740.841.9
Hide subtree Registration taxes (D.214 D)388.4435.2473.1496.9
 Car registration taxes0000
 Traffic taxes388.4435.2473.1496.9
 Taxes on entertainment (D.214 E)0000
Hide subtree Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting (D.214 F)90.293.9103.1107.2
 Taxes on gambling and bets90.293.9103.1107.2
Hide subtree Taxes on insurance premiums (D.214 G)2 352.92 381.72 470.22 511.9
(P2 565.9
 Taxes on insurance contracts1 3041 3181 385.21 403
(P1 430.8
 Additional levy on premiums for industrial accidents37.236.435.636
 Additional levy on car insurance premiums670.4682.1693.2698.9
 Additional levy on fire insurance premiums190191.6197.4204
 Additional levy on hospitalization insurance premiums143.1145.4150.3162.6
 Receipts for the benefit of the Belgian Red Cross8.
 Other taxes on specific services (D.214 H)0000
Hide subtree General sales or turnover taxes (D.214 I)0000
 Taxes as tax stamps0000
Hide subtree Profits of fiscal monopolies (D.214 J)201185.3185.3185.3
 Profits of the national lottery201185.3185.3185.3
Hide subtree Export duties and monetary compensatory amounts on exports (D.214 K)0000
 Monetary compensatory amounts on exports0000
Hide subtree Other taxes on products n.e.c. (D.214 L)365.5439.4597.3993
 Taxes on poster advertising2.
 Contribution on the turnover of the pharmaceutical industry234.9194.1230.3381.2
 Levy on particular pharmaceutical products4.
 Contracts art. 81 medicines123.6238359.6605
Hide subtree  Other taxes on production (D.29)9 314.49 2399 383.810 090.8
(P9 808.3
Hide subtree  Taxes on land, buildings or other structures (D.29 A)5 342.95 430.15 359.65 805.6
(P5 721.7
 Advance tax payment on property (PP)3 5353 595.73 575.53 881.9
(P3 841.8
 Advance tax payment on property (Corp)1 7151 745.51 6861 830
(P1 793.8
 Opening tax0.
 Licence right0000
 Regional tax (BCR) - From 2002 onwards, only regional tax payable by the building owners92.788.89893.6
Hide subtree  Taxes on use of fixed assets (D.29 B)649.7645663.3679.4
 Traffic taxes paid by corporations576.5597611.5626.3
 Tax on automatical recreation appliances51.753.951.753
 Euro tax disc21.5-
 Taxes equal to excise rights paid by corporations0000
Hide subtree  Total wage bill and payroll taxes (D.29 C)0000
 Taxes on the co-ordinating centre0000
  Taxes on international transactions (D.29 D)0000
Hide subtree  Taxes on business and professional licences (D.29 E)441439.6431.8428.3
  Contribution to the Protection Fund for Deposits and Financial Instruments0000
  Contribution to the Guarantee Fund for Financial Services (Formerly Special Protection Fund for deposits, life insurance contracts and the capital of approved cooperative societies)441439.6431.8428.3
  Contribution for Financial Stability to the Resolution Funds / Single Resolution Fund0000
Hide subtree  Taxes on pollution (D.29 F)354.6309.1422.4629.1
 Tax on waste products (FR and WR)83.978.787.781
 Tax on manure (FR)
 Taxes on water (FR, WR and BCR)132.9115.6137.5138.8
 Emission permits135112.4193.4407.2
Hide subtree  Undercompensation of VAT (D.29 G)0000
 Undercompensation of VAT0000
Hide subtree  Other taxes on production n.e.c. (D.29 H)2 526.22 415.22 506.72 548.4
(P2 437.2
 Annuities for patented entities10.514.51112.8
 Monopoly interest (Belgacom)0000
 Monopoly interest (National lottery)98.694.594.594.5
 Non-recurrent company contribution222.1229.8240.5231.8
 Contribution on public mandate8.387.29
 Reclamation clinical biology and pharmaceutical products41.521.5
 Radio and television licences (WR, FR and GR) - partim0000
 Contribution payable by the nuclear operators159.9183.8170.4156.9
 One-off contribution payable by the gas sector0000
 Special contribution from the electricity corporations0000
 One-off contribution payable by the oil sector0000
 Annual tax on unit trusts, credit companies and insurance companies587.4140202.7163.8
 Annual tax on credit institutions467.7788.6749757.9
 Other taxes on production967.7954.51 029.41 120.2
(P1 024.4
Hide subtree Current taxes on income, wealth, etc (D.5)68 79973 949.277 189.774 814.8
(P71 740.2
Hide subtree  Income taxes (D.51)66 75571 979.175 048.572 660.3
(P69 788.6
Hide subtree  Income taxes of natural persons or households (D.51 A)51 064.252 860.154 13153 738.2
(P53 579.2
 Advance tax payment on movable property (PP)3 973.43 769.43 641.33 692.9
(P3 115.8
 Business' advance tax payment (PP)45 297.946 882.547 601.647 634.7
(P48 290.1
 Advance payments (PP)1 512.91 592.61 664.41 586.4
(P1 474
 Assessments (PP)-960.3-651.5-89.6-503.3
 Annual tax on profit sharing13.51421.618.2
 Special social contributions1 197.31 208.51 252.41 266.8
(P1 221.4
 Contribution large incomes0.
 Tax on the worker's participation in the benefit or the capital of the company16.616.37.29
 Other income taxes12.528.131.933.3
Hide subtree  Income taxes of corporations (D.51 B)14 639.618 097.819 788.417 736.4
(P14 943
 Advance tax payment on movable property (corp)427.4290.4354.3360.6
 Advance payments (corp)8 593.311 585.713 965.914 621.5
(P12 425.6
 Taxes from non-residents (corp)38.4270.4194190.6
 Assessments (corp)5 571.15 936.15 276.32 571.1
(P2 245.8
 Other income taxes9.415.2-2.1-7.4
  Taxes on holding gains/losses (D.51 C)0000
  Taxes on lottery and gambling profits (D.51 D)0000
Hide subtree  Other income taxes n.e.c. (D.51 E)1 051.21 021.21 129.11 185.7
(P1 266.4
 Former income taxes0000
 Taxes from non-residents (PP)1 001.4972.31 080.41 133.3
(P1 219
 Other income taxes49.848.948.752.4
Hide subtree  Other current taxes (D.59)2 0441 970.12 141.22 154.5
(P1 951.6
Hide subtree  Current taxes on capital (D.59 A)735617.1849.3861.3
 Taxes on patrimony (grounds and buildings)249.2279.9279292
 Taxes on the NPIs43.244.546.747.2
 Tax on quoted securities0000
 Levy for fighting the non-use of an electric power production site by a producer120.1000
 Transfer to the Fund for Industrial Accidents of recognized private insurance corporations322.5292.7297.2305.1
 Tax on securities accounts00226.4217
Hide subtree  Poll taxes (D.59 B)0.10.100
 Tax on household waste (RW)0000
 Flat-rate regional tax (BCR)0.10.100
  Expenditure taxes (D.59 C)0000
Hide subtree  Household payments for receiving licences (D.59 D)1 2871 330.81 269.31 270.1
(P1 267.5
 Taxes on traffic paid by the households1 169.31 210.41 240.11 270.1
(P1 267.5
 Taxes equal to excise rights paid by households0000
 Radio and television licences (FR)117.7120.429.20
  Taxes on international transactions (D.59 E)0000
Hide subtree  Other current taxes n.e.c. (D.59 F)21.922.122.623.1
 Other taxes21.922.122.623.1
Hide subtree Capital taxes (D.91)3 346.53 616.53 7723 391.1
(P3 286.3
Hide subtree  Taxes on capital transfers (D.91 A)2 928.13 119.43 196.32 935.6
(P2 964.7
  Death duties2 3612 515.22 6772 400.1
(P2 409.2
  Gift taxes567.1604.2519.3535.5
Hide subtree  Capital levies (D.91 B)418.3497.1575.7455.6
  Taxes on long-term savings382.4369.3361.1341.9
  One-off tax regulation0000
  One-off tax regulation "diamond sector"0000
  One-off tax regulation (bis)11.922.966.428.4
  One-off tax regulation (ter)24104.9148.285.3
  Special contribution from credit associations in case of withdrawal from the credit professional network0000
  Other capital taxes n.e.c. (D.91 C)0000
Hide subtree Net social contributions (D.61)67 746.369 794.171 375.973 682.8
(P73 118.5
Hide subtree p.m. Actual social contributions58 196.959 859.161 189.663 286.4
(P62 411.5
Hide subtree Employers' actual social contributions (D.611)35 196.836 119.436 585.137 902.1
(P37 284.2
Hide subtree Compulsory employers' actual social contributions (D.6111C)35 196.836 119.436 585.137 902.1
(P37 284.2
 To the general government account7 711.28 012.38 262.88 539.9
(P8 698.2
 To the other sectors' account27 485.628 107.128 322.329 362.2
(P28 586
Hide subtree Voluntary employers' actual social contributions (D.6111V)0000
 To the general government account0000
 To the other sectors' account0000
 Employers' imputed social contributions (D.612)9 549.49 93510 186.410 396.3
(P10 707
Hide subtree Households' actual social contributions (D.613)22 998.623 738.224 602.925 382.9
(P25 125.9
Hide subtree Employees' actual social contributions17 174.817 744.518 425.519 080.8
(P18 846.1
 Compulsory employees' actual social contributions (D.613CE)17 173.817 74418 417.719 070.6
(P18 831.9
 Voluntary employees' actual social contributions (D.613VE)10.67.810.2
Hide subtree Self-employed persons' actual social contributions4 071.34 153.14 2384 327.1
(P4 197
 Compulsory self-employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613CS)4 071.34 153.14 2384 327.1
(P4 197
 Voluntary self-employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613VS)0000
Hide subtree Non employed persons' actual social contributions1 752.41 840.61 939.41 975
(P2 082.8
 Compulsory non employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613CN)1 681.91 768.21 8641 902.9
(P2 016.3
 Voluntary non employed persons' actual social contributions (D.613VN)70.572.475.472.1
 Households' social contributions supplements (D.614)
 Social insurance scheme service charge (D.61SC)0000
 Capital transfers from general government to relevant sectors representing taxes and social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995)-618.5-643.3-613.9-632
 Taxes on products assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995a)-429.2-491.8-492.1-479.4
 VAT on products assessed but unlikely to be collected-429.2-491.8-492.1-479.4
 Taxes on income assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995c)-45.6-50.5-47.1-45.4
 Business' advance tax payment assessed but unlikely to be collected-45.6-50.5-47.1-45.4
 Employers' actual social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected (D.995e)-143.7-101-74.7-107.2
 Employers' actual social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected-143.7-101-74.7-107.2
Hide subtree Total of taxes and social contributions187 625.4196 578203 558.8205 135.3
(P196 758.9
 Total of taxes and net social contributions (including imputed social contributions)197 174.9206 513.1213 745.3215 531.6
(P207 465.9
Hide subtree Total payable tax credits761.1919.2966.51 089
(P1 125.1
 of which payable tax credits that exceed the taxpayer's liability206.3176.4197.4244.4
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