Funded sectorKind
Hide subtree All sectorsHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts49 411.750 588.639 441.340 073.444 559.9
All sectorsCommunities and districts33 309.633 985.829 384.329 477.930 180.2
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products14 893.115 27014 875.515 617.716 224.5
Business' advance tax payment (PP)18 416.518 715.814 508.813 860.213 955.7
Local governmentHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts163.9166.3205.5201.5152.4
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products163.9166.3205.5201.5152.4
Social security fundsHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts15 43115 9379 339.79 877.513 682.1
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products10 940.111 327.47 241.36 444.810 364.6
Hide subtree Excise duties995.8987.1988.6998.20
Excise dutiesExcise duties on mineral oil00000
Excise duties on liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrocarbon and benzol00000
Excise duties on tobacco865.8857.1858.6868.20
Excise duties on brandy00000
Excise duties on beer00000
Excise duties on non-alcoholic beverages00000
Excise duties on coffee00000
Packing contribution1301301301300
Contribution to energy00000
Business' advance tax payment (PP)2 488.92 505.895.6100.1103.3
Advance tax payment on movable property (corp)687770682.41 934.13 214.2
Taxes on insurance contracts32.92.92.90
Assessments (PP)124.7121.1119.1122.20
Assessments (Corp)53.555.456.955.10
Assessments (non-residents)127.5156.6142.9211.40
Assessments (Nat P) - Stock options0.
Tax on the worker's participation in the benefit or the capital of the company10.
Special contribution from the electricity companies00000
Additional levy on industrial accidents premiums00000
Additional levy on car insurance premiums00000
Additional levy on fire insurance premiums00000
Institutions of the EUHide subtree Current transfers of fiscal receipts507.2499.6511.8516.6545.1
Current transfers of fiscal receiptsVAT on products507.2499.6511.8516.6545.1
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