Institution typeInformation on item
Hide subtree Total assets1 0689901 1451 0741 1631 1751 3761 4921 588
  Cash and cash balances with central banks and postal cheque offices000000000
  Public securities eligible for refinancing with the central bank000000000
Hide subtree  Claims on credit institutions469382502375453411587715808
  Repayable on demand461375494370449405549678770
  Other claims (at fixed term or at notice)777447383738
  Claims on clients174162182213188219284241240
Hide subtree  Bonds and other fixed-income securities000000000
  Issued by public bodies000000000
  Issued by other issuers000000000
  Shares, interests in companies and other variable-income securities626659626267787877
Hide subtree  Financial fixed assets99102101101102102103109110
  Participations in affiliated enterprises98101100100100100101107107
  Participations in other enterprises linked by a participating interest111112222
  Other shares and equity constituting financial fixed assets000000000
  Subordinated claims on affiliated enterprises and other enterprises linked by a participating interest000000000
  Formation expenses and intangible fixed assets118114142131127125123119115
  Tangible fixed assets333333333
  Own shares000000000
  Other assets869983117158209149207215
  Differed charges and accrued income576173726939502122
Hide subtree Total liabilities1 0689901 1451 0741 1631 1751 3761 4921 588
Hide subtree Third-party funds531342359388567392423421943
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to credit institutions343335383841424441
  Repayable on demand000100000
  Debts resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
  Other debts at fixed term or at notice343335373841424441
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to customers363633283737394044
  Savings deposits000000000
Hide subtree  Other debts363633283737394044
  Repayable on demand000011001
  At fixed term or at notice363633283736394043
  Resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
Hide subtree  Debts represented by a security000000000
  Notes and bonds in circulation000000000
  Other items000000000
  Other liabilities418221229281449284306326848
  Differed charges and accrued income3946593437263243
Hide subtree  Provisions and deferred tax liabilities443665477
Hide subtree  Provisions for risks and charges443665477
  Pensions and similar obligations010000000
  Tax liabilities110110112
  Other risks and charges332454365
  Deferred tax liabilities000000000
  Fund for general banking risks000000000
  Subordinated debts000000000
Hide subtree Equity5376497866875967839531 070645
Hide subtree  Capital243243243243243244244243243
  Paid-in capital244244244244244244244244244
  Uncalled capital-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
  Share premium account868686868686868686
  Revaluation gains000000000
Hide subtree  Reserves757575757779807882
  Legal reserves181818181819181819
Hide subtree  Unavailable reserves111111100
  For own shares000000000
  Other items111111100
  Tax-exempt reserves711111113
  Available reserves505555565659595960
  Profit carried forward (+) or loss carried forward (-)6969696894949493127
  Income (+) or loss (-) at the end of the period6317531221495280450570106
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