Institution typeInformation on item
Hide subtree Total assets1 1751 3761 4921 5881 3961 4141 3211 1461 116
  Cash and cash balances with central banks and postal cheque offices000000000
  Public securities eligible for refinancing with the central bank000000000
Hide subtree  Claims on credit institutions411587715808544685513557563
  Repayable on demand405549678770506651510455469
  Other claims (at fixed term or at notice)73837383834210294
  Claims on clients219284241240351331353257275
Hide subtree  Bonds and other fixed-income securities000000000
  Issued by public bodies000000000
  Issued by other issuers000000000
  Shares, interests in companies and other variable-income securities677878777425261111
Hide subtree  Financial fixed assets102103109110110111134142143
  Participations in affiliated enterprises100101107107107107108136107
  Participations in other enterprises linked by a participating interest22222224435
  Other shares and equity constituting financial fixed assets000000000
  Subordinated claims on affiliated enterprises and other enterprises linked by a participating interest000001222
  Formation expenses and intangible fixed assets12512311911511587816763
  Tangible fixed assets333332222
  Own shares000000000
  Other assets2091492072151781501869540
  Differed charges and accrued income395021222223251419
Hide subtree Total liabilities1 1751 3761 4921 5881 3961 4141 3211 1461 116
Hide subtree Third-party funds392423421943575518385603471
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to credit institutions4142444140394245
  Repayable on demand000000000
  Debts resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
  Other debts at fixed term or at notice4142444140394245
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to customers3739404443453802
  Savings deposits000000000
Hide subtree  Other debts3739404443453802
  Repayable on demand100100002
  At fixed term or at notice3639404343453800
  Resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
Hide subtree  Debts represented by a security000000000
  Notes and bonds in circulation000000000
  Other items000000000
  Other liabilities284306326848482427297590457
  Differed charges and accrued income26324364665
Hide subtree  Provisions and deferred tax liabilities547752231
Hide subtree  Provisions for risks and charges547752231
  Pensions and similar obligations000000000
  Tax liabilities011211111
  Other risks and charges436531110
  Deferred tax liabilities000000000
  Fund for general banking risks000000000
  Subordinated debts000000000
Hide subtree Equity7839531 070645821896935543646
Hide subtree  Capital244244243243248245246192198
  Paid-in capital244244244244248245247193199
  Uncalled capital-1-1-1-1-10-1-1-1
  Share premium account868686868686868685
  Revaluation gains000000121919
Hide subtree  Reserves798078828868686665
  Legal reserves191818191919191515
Hide subtree  Unavailable reserves110066664
  For own shares000000000
  Other items110066664
  Tax-exempt reserves111333333
  Available reserves595959606040404343
  Profit carried forward (+) or loss carried forward (-)94949312717012781100101
  Income (+) or loss (-) at the end of the period28045057010622936944281177
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