Institution typeInformation on item
Hide subtree Total assets1 1441 0091 0761 0341 2079589789221 136
  Cash and cash balances with central banks and postal cheque offices000001000
  Public securities eligible for refinancing with the central bank000000000
Hide subtree  Claims on credit institutions602401401503693457397344535
  Repayable on demand517321320422683446387334525
  Other claims (at fixed term or at notice)858080801010101010
  Claims on clients141137157142164152150153174
Hide subtree  Bonds and other fixed-income securities150150150000000
  Issued by public bodies000000000
  Issued by other issuers150150150000000
  Shares, interests in companies and other variable-income securities504962696980726969
Hide subtree  Financial fixed assets1467778959696
  Participations in affiliated enterprises1466666959595
  Participations in other enterprises linked by a participating interest001111011
  Other shares and equity constituting financial fixed assets000000000
  Subordinated claims on affiliated enterprises and other enterprises linked by a participating interest000000000
  Formation expenses and intangible fixed assets41135132131129127126125122
  Tangible fixed assets1099876554
  Own shares000000000
  Other assets72641071299190908479
  Differed charges and accrued income645950454738424657
Hide subtree Total liabilities1 1441 0091 0761 0341 2079589789221 136
Hide subtree Third-party funds441461593430440358517356374
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to credit institutions213461856434323233
  Repayable on demand400012100
  Debts resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
  Other debts at fixed term or at notice173460856432313233
Hide subtree  Amounts payable to customers414046535652623860
  Savings deposits000000000
Hide subtree  Other debts414046535652623860
  Repayable on demand001000100
  At fixed term or at notice404046535652623860
  Resulting from mobilisation by rediscounting of commercial bills000000000
Hide subtree  Debts represented by a security000000000
  Notes and bonds in circulation000000000
  Other items000000000
  Other liabilities320323447245269243389243233
  Differed charges and accrued income565732414624303942
Hide subtree  Provisions and deferred tax liabilities467655445
Hide subtree  Provisions for risks and charges467655445
  Pensions and similar obligations000000000
  Tax liabilities101000000
  Other risks and charges366544334
  Deferred tax liabilities000000000
  Funds for general banking risks000000000
  Subordinated debts000000000
Hide subtree Equity703548484604767600461566762
Hide subtree  Capital151242243243243243242243243
  Paid-in capital151242243243243244242244244
  Uncalled capital-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
  Share premium account858586868686858686
  Revaluation gains000000000
Hide subtree  Reserves353638383840414343
  Legal reserves111113131313151515
Hide subtree  Unavailable reserves000001111
  For own shares000000000
  Other items000001111
  Tax-exempt reserves667766777
  Available reserves191919192020192020
  Profit carried forward (+) or loss carried forward (-)423139393939404443
  Income (+) or loss (-) at the end of the period3911557819836119353150347
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