Type of service
Hide subtree Services2 2727794721 788
ServicesManufacturing services on inputs owned by others1 1461 054686-194
Maintenance and repair 3-354-233-130
Hide subtree Transportation-2 304-1 757-877583
TransportationSea transport308181559975
Air transport-109-9456362
Space transport0000
Rail transport773864110
Road transport-3 184-2 596-2 405-1 948
Inland waterway transport-98-133-34-125
Pipeline transport1236014195
Electricity transmission12788234212
Other supporting and auxiliary transport services553446222317
Postal and courier services-101254286585
Hide subtree Travel-6 318-8 125-8 799-5 606
TravelBusiness travel-900-1 057-1 158-833
Personal travel-5 418-7 068-7 641-4 773
Hide subtree Construction521-183507-151
ConstructionConstruction abroad2 2281 5441 8461 157
Construction in Belgium-1 707-1 727-1 339-1 308
Hide subtree Insurance and pension services244417454464
Insurance and pension servicesDirect insurance3114721 0881 097
Auxiliary insurance services29768541
Pension and standardized guarantee services20462652
Hide subtree Financial services1 6501 7392 0351 688
Financial servicesExplicitly charged and other financial services-739-805-412-548
Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)2 3892 5442 4472 236
Charges for the use of intellectual property 33324519886
Hide subtree Telecommunications, computer and information services2 7223 2293 1222 550
Telecommunications, computer and information servicesTelecommunications services591594449668
Computer services2 1062 5582 6941 855
Information services2577-2127
Hide subtree Other business services2 8232 355695-440
Other business servicesResearch and development services-290686333249
Hide subtree Professional and management consulting services3 5271 487749429
Professional and management consulting servicesLegal, accounting, management consulting and public relations services4 6132 8552 297967
Advertising, market research and public opinion polling services-1 086-1 368-1 548-538
Hide subtree Technical, trade-related and other business services-414183-388-1 118
Technical, trade-related and other business servicesArchitectural, engineering, scientific and other technical services8-3-254-403
Waste treatment and de-pollution, agricultural and mining services53-47-48-73
Operating leasing services-18630945-107
Trade-related services-294-11-18-301
Other business services not included elsewhere4-66-113-235
Hide subtree Personal, cultural and recreational services43181289171
Personal, cultural and recreational servicesAudiovisual and related services-167-10118-77
Hide subtree Other personal, cultural and recreational services210282271248
Other personal, cultural and recreational servicesHealth services-9-1134
Education services50592461
Heritage and recreational services408764-3
Other personal services129148179186
Hide subtree Government goods and services not included elsewhere2 0172 0462 3122 252
Government goods and services not included elsewhereEmbassies and consulates7984156134
Military units and agencies163168165178
Other government goods and services1 7751 7931 9901 940
Services not allocated-307-146-238-285
Data extracted on 03 Dec 2022 07:21 UTC (GMT) from NBB.Stat


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