Type of service
Hide subtree Services267-7451 6961 264
ServicesManufacturing services on inputs owned by others-92-353-543-260
Maintenance and repair -354-243-168-258
Hide subtree Transportation-1 885-770722-754
TransportationSea transport181593997-441
Air transport-9469376700
Space transport0000
Rail transport3864113217
Road transport-2 596-2 393-1 880-2 335
Inland waterway transport-133-34-132-29
Pipeline transport6014174-12
Electricity transmission88234196159
Other supporting and auxiliary transport services318270374462
Postal and courier services254286603525
Hide subtree Travel-8 125-8 798-5 722-7 077
TravelBusiness travel-1 057-1 158-833-687
Personal travel-7 068-7 639-4 890-6 390
Hide subtree Construction-183510-197216
ConstructionConstruction abroad1 5441 8451 1391 318
Construction in Belgium-1 727-1 335-1 336-1 102
Hide subtree Insurance and pension services417449578653
Insurance and pension servicesDirect insurance4721 0971 2411 621
Reinsurance-177-765-838-1 055
Auxiliary insurance services768276-31
Pension and standardized guarantee services463499119
Hide subtree Financial services1 7392 1751 9731 538
Financial servicesExplicitly charged and other financial services-805-372-459-868
Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)2 5442 5462 4322 406
Charges for the use of intellectual property 323423575695
Hide subtree Telecommunications, computer and information services3 2291 7452 3812 763
Telecommunications, computer and information servicesTelecommunications services594409659712
Computer services2 5581 3581 6862 102
Information services77-2136-51
Hide subtree Other business services3 1191 749-1521 441
Other business servicesResearch and development services7214235401 197
Hide subtree Professional and management consulting services2 2151 569373846
Professional and management consulting servicesLegal, accounting, management consulting and public relations services3 5833 1091 2431 877
Advertising, market research and public opinion polling services-1 368-1 540-870-1 030
Hide subtree Technical, trade-related and other business services183-243-1 065-602
Technical, trade-related and other business servicesArchitectural, engineering, scientific and other technical services-3-52-393-201
Waste treatment and de-pollution, agricultural and mining services-47-50-51-132
Operating leasing services309-1-126-43
Trade-related services-11-26-259-14
Other business services not included elsewhere-66-113-236-213
Hide subtree Personal, cultural and recreational services181281191236
Personal, cultural and recreational servicesAudiovisual and related services-10111-72-79
Hide subtree Other personal, cultural and recreational services282270264316
Other personal, cultural and recreational servicesHealth services-11335
Education services59245987
Heritage and recreational services87631651
Other personal services148179186173
Hide subtree Government goods and services not included elsewhere2 0462 3162 2372 126
Government goods and services not included elsewhereEmbassies and consulates84162132142
Military units and agencies168165165178
Other government goods and services1 7931 9891 9401 807
Services not allocated-146-229-178-58
Data extracted on 28 Nov 2023 12:34 UTC (GMT) from NBB.Stat


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