Sector and loan type
Observed results in:
Change in credit standardsHide subtree Total evolution0002512.50012.50
Total evolutionShort-term loans0002512.50000
Long-term loans0002512.500250
Influence of cost of funds and balance sheet constraintsCosts related to your bank's capital positionInformation on item0002512.512.512.5250
Your bank's ability to access market financing (e.g. money or bond market financing, incl. true-sale securitisation)Information on item00012.500000
Your bank's liquidity position-12.50012.500000
Influence of pressure from competitionCompetition from other banks-25-37.5-25-25-12.50000
Competition from non-banks000000000
Competition from market financing000000000
Influence of perception of riskExpectations regarding general economic activity0002500012.525
Industry or firm-specific outlook000000012.512.5
Risk on the collateral demanded000000000
Influence of the risk tolerance000000000
Overall terms and conditions-12.5-12.5-12.50012.512.512.512.5
Price terms and conditionsYour bank's margin on average loans (wider margin = tightened, narrower margin = eased)-37.5-37.5-12.512.5012.512.512.525
Your bank's margin on riskier loans-12.5-12.5-12.525012.512.512.525
Other terms and conditionsNon-interest rate charges0-12.50012.512.512.512.50
Size of the loan or credit line-12.5-250-12.5-12.50012.525
Collateral requirements-12.500000000
Loan covenants-12.5-12.50-12.5-12.50000
Change in demandHide subtree Total evolution2512.537.512.5-2512.50-12.50
Total evolutionShort-term loans2512.537.50-2500-12.50
Long-term loans252537.512.5-2512.50-12.50
Influence of financing needsFixed investment0037.512.5-12.512.5-12.5-12.50
Inventories and working capital12.50250-12.50000
Mergers/acquisitions and corporate restructuring252512.50-12.512.50-12.5-12.5
Debt restructuring2512.512.50-12.512.50-12.512.5
General level of interest rates25252512.5012.512.500
Influence of the use of alternative financeInternal financing000000000
Loans from other banks-12.5-12.5-12.5000000
Loans from non-banks000000-12.5-12.50
Issuance of debt securities000000000
Issuance of equity000000000
Data extracted on 10 Jul 2020 23:51 UTC (GMT) from NBB.Stat


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