Sector and loan type
Observed results in:
Change in credit standardsHide subtree Total evolution012.5012.512.512.5012.525
Total evolutionShort-term loans000012.5250012.5
Long-term loans025012.512.525012.525
Influence of cost of funds and balance sheet constraintsCosts related to your bank's capital positionInformation on item12.525025-12.5-12.5000
Your bank's ability to access market financing (e.g. money or bond market financing, incl. true-sale securitisation)Information on item0000-12.5-12.5000
Your bank's liquidity position0000-25-12.5000
Influence of pressure from competitionCompetition from other banks0000-12.50012.5-12.5
Competition from non-banks000000000
Competition from market financing000000000
Influence of perception of riskExpectations regarding general economic activity012.5252512.52512.500
Industry or firm-specific outlook012.512.52512.512.5000
Risk on the collateral demanded000000000
Influence of the risk tolerance00012.512.50012.525
Overall terms and conditions12.512.512.512.512.512.50025
Price terms and conditionsYour bank's margin on average loans (wider margin = tightened, narrower margin = eased)12.512.52512.512.512.5-12.500
Your bank's margin on riskier loans12.512.5252512.512.5000
Other terms and conditionsNon-interest rate charges12.512.50000000
Size of the loan or credit line012.525012.50000
Collateral requirements00000250012.5
Loan covenants0000012.512.512.50
Change in demandHide subtree Total evolution0-12.50-12.5-12.5-12.502512.5
Total evolutionShort-term loans0-12.50500-12.5-12.512.5-12.5
Long-term loans0-12.50-12.5-25-25037.512.5
Influence of financing needsFixed investment-12.5-12.50-25-12.5-2502512.5
Inventories and working capital0005025-12.502525
Mergers/acquisitions and corporate restructuring0-12.5-12.5-25012.50-12.5-12.5
Debt restructuring0-12.512.537.512.512.512.5-12.50
General level of interest rates12.500-12.500000
Influence of the use of alternative financeInternal financing000000000
Loans from other banks000000000
Loans from non-banks-12.5-12.50-12.500000
Issuance of debt securities000000000
Issuance of equity000000000
Data extracted on 26 Jan 2022 14:23 UTC (GMT) from NBB.Stat


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