Government typeItemUnit
General governmentHide subtree Net lending (+) or net borrowing (-)Millions of euro-10 164-3 044-3 873-9 123
(P-41 432
As p.c. of GDP-2.4-0.7-0.8-1.9
Net lending (+) or net borrowing (-)of which Entity I-2.6-1.1-0.3-1.7
of which Entity II0.30.4-0.6-0.2
Federal governmentNet lending (+) or net borrowing (-)Millions of euro-10 981-5 615-1 037-9 280
(P-32 608
Hide subtree Communities and Regions171823-2 010-1 131
(P-10 231
Communities and RegionsBalances ESA 2010Flemish Community-431 417-691382
(P-5 412
French Community-66-208-203-351
(P-1 537
Walloon Region102-255-701-500
(P-1 849
Brussels-Capital Region152-187-394-702
(P-1 278
German Community-27-33-3-19
Commission of the French-speaking Community25156-7
Commission of the Flemish Community2-2-50-16
Joint Community Commission1123-902
Interregional units/Not allocated145211680
Statistical discrepancyInformation on item0000
Balances incorporating advance payments of additional regional percentagesFlemish Community88807-698119
(P-6 008
Walloon Region-210-195-763-530
(P-2 182
Brussels-Capital Region33-130-441-697
(P-1 375
Total of communities and regions -129329-2 127-1 421
(P-11 255
p.m. Federal government-10 681-5 121-920-8 990
(P-31 583
Local government925943-617-10
Social security funds-279805-2091 298
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