Government typeItemUnit
General governmentHide subtree Net lending (+) or net borrowing (-)Millions of euro-12 315-10 058-10 178-3 159-3 402
As p.c. of GDP-3.1-2.4-2.4-0.7-0.7
 of which Entity I-2.6-1.1-2.6-1.1-0.2
 of which Entity II-0.5-
Federal governmentNet lending (+) or net borrowing (-)Millions of euro-10 171-5 330-10 988-5 606-978
Hide subtree Communities and regions-1 512-6 006187782-1 913
 Flemish Community-718-3 377-321 401-646
 French Community-214-276-66-218-209
 Walloon Region-707-1 861109-266-697
 Brussels-Capital Region205-325154-190-391
 German Community-39-132-28-35-3
 Commission of the French-speaking Community12725158
 Commission of the Flemish Community-24102-2-36
 Joint Community Commission-13-161123-95
 Interregional units/Not allocated-14-371254157
 Statistical discrepancyInformation on item00000
Local government-479489904859-399
Social security funds-153788-280806-111
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